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 Course ODCT

Principles and Methods of Collection

Developed and Delivered by Emil Hartleb

Executive Director, Commercial Collection Agency Association

and Jessica Butler, Principal, Attain Consulting Group, LLC



This course provides participants with an understanding and insight into the importance of their roles in the management of Accounts Receivables. It also provides concise and practical information and actual role playing scenarios on effective and ineffective collection techniques that will increase proficiency in the collection process.  It is designed to indoctrinate those new to credit into the field of collections and to provide tips and techniques to help seasoned collection professionals sharpen their skills. 


The course will include video and synchronized slide presentation of course content - approximately 3.5 hours; an onscreen notepad enabling the student to compose, review, save and print notes as they work through the presentation, and; use of role playing - see several examples of debtor/creditor phone conversations, which will enable the students to sharpen and solidify the skills acquired in the video lesson. 


This course covers the following:

  1. Your Role and Its Importance to Your Company: How the collector impacts various aspects of accounts receivable such as sales and cash flow are explained. Essential skills of collectors such as attitude, listening skills and telephone voice are described. This session is taught by Emil Hartleb.
  2. Collection Skills: This session delves deeper into two vital skills of collectors — negotiating and listening skills. Several role playing scenarios are also presented to demonstrate good and bad techniques in employing these skills. This session is taught by Emil Hartleb.
  3. Collection Calls: How to effectively make the two basic types of collection calls are presented — reminder and delinquency calls. Role playing scenarios are presented to portray both good and bad techniques to help illustrate the concepts discussed. This session is taught by Emil Hartleb.
  4. Collection Tools: Several tools collectors can use to enhance payments on overdue accounts are explained. These include final demand calls; collection letters; post-dated checks; promissory notes and overnight delivery services. Two role playing scenarios on how to conduct a final demand call are presented. This session is taught by Emil Hartleb.
  5. Placing Your Delinquent Accounts with a Collection Agency: Some delinquent accounts must be turned over to a collection agency and when that happens it’s important to know how to select the right collection agency for your type of business and the type of accounts you have. What variables must be considered are explained so that the right agency or agencies are secured to handle your company’s delinquent accounts.
  6. Successful Negotiation — Letting the Other Person Have Your Way: Jessica Butler, Principal of Attain Consulting, is a specialist in negotiations. In this session she shares the tips and techniques she’s learned over the years that enhance your ability to conduct successful negotiations with an opposing party. 

This is an On-Demand Course, allowing students to work independently and at their own pace to accommodate the time demands of busy professionals. Upon concluding the presentation/course material, the participant is required to take a final exam. Those who receive a grade of 70% or higher will receive a “Certificate of Professional Development” from the Credit Research Foundation.



Registration Fee - $295


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